Wheel Loaders, Backhoes, & SY385 Excavator

Eligible Models: SY385, SW305K, SW405K, SSR80, SSR120HT-Open, SSR120HT-Cab, SLB95-Open, SLB95-CA


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2023-2024 Earth Moving Machines

Eligible Models: SY16C, SY26U, SY35U, SY50U, SY75C, SY80C, SY95C, SY155U, SY215C, SY225C, SY265C, SY335C, SY365C, SY500H, SSR120C-8


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Road Machinery & SY60C, SY135C Excavator

Eligible Models: SY60C, SY135C, SMG200C-8, SMG200 AWD


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All Other
Used Equipment

Eligible Models: Used Equipment


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